Monday, March 1, 2010

Picture 26 weeks 2 days, nursery

We had another great weekend! We got to go down and see hubby's family and visit then on Sunday my parents came over and we worked on some finishing touches! My mom came up with a great idea to put some fabric on the backboard on the bookshelf, and it looks AWESOME!!!

She also helped be hang some things on the wall and decide where I want the other things hung! She brought the framed piece with her and it's from her baby blanket, it says "little kittens have lost their mittens" I just love it!

My mom also made me a sign with Julia's name on it, she got the colors perfect!

My mom also brought a shelf she wasn't using to go in the nursery to put things on, which I promptly did placing a little ceramic carriage she brought with her that I remembered my grandma having, it's perfect!

Our friends Kathy and Norman had a few things to let me borrow! One of them is this bassinet, there's a swing (but the cloth is already off of it to be washed) and an outside play area!

Last put not least is a picture hubby took of me tonight!

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