Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who follows my blog and has prayed or crossed their fingers for us, we have known for a couple of weeks and had the money actually come through last week, but my Social Security came through. This is so bittersweet for me as it means I am officially disabled, but man it's sure nice to be caught up on bills and be able to go shopping! We also got to start on our re-do of our living/dining room now that we have the money to do it! Here are pics of it!

This is also giving us the opportunity to go on a mini-vacation this weekend. It will just be to Branson for a couple of days but it will be a nice getaway. Once everything else works out we will plan a big trip to Texas to visit family in Waco, San Angelo and South Padre. A few days on the beach in Padre sounds like the perfect end to all of this mess, oh and seeing my papa!

So to everyone out there, thank you and much love!