Monday, July 14, 2008

Tortilla Egg Scramble

I found this in Gooseberry Patch and the same night saw it on Rachel Ray. This is my variation on it!

2 large tortilla's cut in bite size strips (I used Mission Jalapeno and Sun-dried tomato and basil)
I used 7 eggs
dash of milk
2 large spoonfulls of Queso dip
2 sausage patties (the microwave kind) cooked and crumbled

You can also use salsa, but we didn't have any.

Spray a skillet with a healthy dose of Pam then heat tortilla's until they start to get crispy. Scramble eggs in a bowl with a dash of milk. Once tortillas are ready pour in eggs. Let set for a minute then scramble everything together. Stir in queso and sausage. Once eggs are cooked and everything is heated through, serve!