Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My hubby's breakfast treats

My mother-in-law makes these for my hubby every time we go down to visit them. I finally decided to start making them and I'm glad I did as this gets my hubby to eat breakfast everyday so I will continue making them.

1 package smoked sausage
1 container refrigerator biscuits (any kind will work)

If your container of biscuits have 10 in them then cut your smoked sausage into 10 pieces (same for if they have 8, do 8. etc). Smash a biscuit in the palm of your hand into an oval shape. Place a slice of sausage into the top of the biscuit and roll up. You can totally enclose the sausage or leave some open. You can also place some cheese into the middle as well. I usually take a slice of American cheese and fold into thirds and place a third in each biscuit.
Bake at 375 for about 13-15 minutes until nice and golden brown!