Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My med free birth

Hello Everyone! Well the last almost 48 hours have been crazy! I'm gonna do in a timeline.

8:45 went for an ultrasound and was told my fluids were good at an 8 but Julia would not move to save her soul. I had ate some yogurt and drank some OJ which had made her move but it had been about 45 mins at this point.

9:45 saw my OB and she was like well it looks like we are having a baby today and sent me to L&D!

11:00 I'm now hooked up to everything including pitocin and am measuring at a 3 still.

12:00 OB comes in and checks me and I'm up to a 4cm and breaks my water.

2:00 Nurse checks me and I'm at a 5

at around 5:30 the doc who was gonna deliver me came in and I was at a 6 and she pushed on things to get them moving. we talk about pain med options but I really didn't think I needed them and didn't want them

at 8:00 I was finally at a 7after several checks

at 10:00 I was at an 8 and this is when things really started moving.

at 10:30 I was a 9 and I was really starting to hurt!!!

at 11:00 I was a 10 and they were getting everything set up for delivery

at 11:30 I was ready to push, and when I say ready, I was beyond ready, I had so much pressure down there I actually got sick and my contractions were off the chart. I wouldn't have made it without Kevin, he really was my rock! I was sitting on the edge of the bed and would put my face in his chest and he would remind me to breath.

after 20 mins of pushing we had our little girl! She is the most gorgeous child I have ever seen (I'm not prejudiced at all), and has just the right mix of her dad and me!

Some say I am crazy but I wouldn't of changed a thing! Plus it's only been like 40 hours and I am home now and feel great!

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Karissa said...

That's awesome Crystal!! I am so happy for you that everything went so well! Welcome to motherhood! There is nothing in the world like it :)