Sunday, September 6, 2009

200th blog post WINNER!!!

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2, 2 is the lucky number that chose for the winner of the 200th blog post. So the lucky winner...drum roll SHANNON REED!!! Shannon I will have to get ahold of you on facebook so I can give you your prize. Since I looked at Urban Mining for something and didn't find anything I will be making a welcome sign that looks like mine (I've had mine awhile and it's been hanging up on our front door, in the weather) done according to the colors you choose:

We started at urban mining this weekend and the choice of things was much lacking from last month's trip there. But it was fun and I did find a shelf to put my cookbooks on in my kitchen. Saturday we went to a new (new to us) place for a flea mearket/antique fair and it was fun I found more parts for some calendars I am making. I did mom's for mother's day, I'll have to get a picture and post it!

I'm really thinking I can do these Welcome Signs, Calendars, and Cards and start to sell them, guess if I'm gonna do it I just need to get on it already!

Okay well this week I have to update my blog with what I have done on the front room, post some of my crafts, and get ready for my big 3-0 that is on Sat.