Thursday, January 3, 2008

South Beach Diet

Okay I started this on Jan 1st and so far I am loving it!

A sample day: Breakfast I have a V8, 2 pieces of canadian bacon, 2 egg beaters
Snack is some celery with Laughing Cow Cheese (the best stuff in the world in my book)! 1 small cup of coffee with plain dry creamer.
Lunch is a salad with crab or tuna meat, avocado, cucumbers and peppers diced up and a Sugar Free Jello
Another Snack is a cheese stick
Dinner is some Green Chile Cheddar Chicken with steamed cauliflower and cherry tomatos
Dessert is a sugar free fudgsicle

I'm eating more and better food a day than every before! I'm never hungry, I'm having to go to the bathroom more because I have up'd my water intake, but so far I am loving it! Watch as my ticker goes down!

I will be updating my recipes. Most of them will probably be stolen off of has the most amazing recipes over there!