Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For my mom

Maybe it's the holiday season, maybe it's because she gave me life or moreso because we have become the best of friends. My mom who frequents my blog and has gotten into a few different blogs of her own has been on me to frequent Mrs.Blandings blog more often. She is, no less, another great Kansas Citian. So I finally mosied over today and even put her in my non-food blogs I frequent section. She really does have a wonderful blog and I can see why after reading hers why my mom really started to get into this wonderful world of blogging. Even if it took more than just her daughter's blog. Ha I love ya mom!

This picture was taken at an event that we found out because of Mrs.Blandings it was a quaint day of shopping in a historic barn, looking through new and antique items. Yep it's one of the great pictures you take yourself, it's a good thing I have long arms! Oh and we don't look alike at all do we?

I'll also include a picture of an item my mom was wonderful enough to buy me that day! She bought me the house that you put candles in and it lights the windows and doors, I bought the small green tree that day as well!