Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 a year in pictures!

Well I can say that I am very happy that 2008 is over and done with and am hoping so that 2009 is much better. 2008 was full of me becoming disabled with my MS, stopping working, and lots of financial struggle because of these things. However there were good things that happened too, and looking back over pictures I am reminded just how many there were!

Good things that happened in 2008:
January: We got Nellie, who has become like our child and is my constant companion.

February: We were still doing South Beach and I think it might be a good thing to jump start a weight loss for hubby and myself. We traveled to my sister's and had a great weekend, our dogs got to meet and I got to meet an online friend in real life!

March: I finally said I had had enough and stopped working. Yes it sucks not having the income, but I finally have the time for me. I can sleep when and as long as I need to. I'm pretty sure it was the end of March that we had Ashley's wedding shower. My mom helped me throw it and we had it at our local tea room, it was a great day and I loved my mom's idea that we all had to wear "tea party" hats. This is Heather, Me and Ash!

April: There is nothing in my blog from this month (other than a menu) and it's probably because I was pretty sick when I stopped working, but that won't happen this year!

May: My BFF's wedding to her wonderful new hubby! This is my fave picture from the wedding of my dad and Kevin: Our first anniversary was spent at a lovely little camp site some friends of ours let us borrow. It was great! I had my 10 year high school reunion. I also started cooking again and I posted my mom's cornbread, it's the ONLY recipe I use!

June: Once again nothing in the blog. Man was it a year for change or what. I did get to spend a lot of time in my garden and for the first time it looked REALLY good! And we had our annual mother/daughter weekend and this year my sister joined us. We had a wonderful weekend full of good shopping and good food!

July: I finally blogged a ton in July and this was the month I learned that I could make gravy (your welcome hubby) and the introduction of Tortilla Scramble.

August: Something happened and I didn't blog Aug-Sept. It probably had something to do with my disability being denied and I fell into a pretty bad depression. Thank goodness for my awesome family and friends (yes you, the ones who read this blog) for pulling me out of it.

September: My 29th birthday it was a great one spent with wonderful parents! I also cut my hair off, but ended up loving it! Me and my momma also worked the MS 150 bike ride, it was a great time and I am looking forward to continuing volunteering with everything MS!

October: Was a month of change. Kevin changed jobs. My grandpa moved away. I decided to change my blog, I started paying more attention to my photos, started blogging and cooking more. It was also the month Crash Potatoes got introduced to my life! At the end of the month (the 26th to be exact) our baby boy was brought into the world. Okay well he's not ours, but Kevin's baby sister brought the most gorgeous baby into this world. Yep I'm the most proud auntie ever!

November: Kevin changed jobs once again and this time it's gonna stick, he's happy and it's a wonderful company! I blogged about my mom's lasagna which is a winner in my book! I also spent a week without my hubby at my in-laws helping Kevin's sister with the baby, and yes I made it just fine! Kevin's 31st birthday came and went, with a nice little dinner I put on at the house for us and my parents.

December: Brought Buffalo Chicken Dip into our lives. I had been wanting to make it forever, but wasn't sure if Kevin would like it so I made it for my dad, well I should have been making it all along because Kevin (as well as myself) loved it! It also brought about a change in myself. I am not going to stress over money anymore, because well it's just money, it comes and it goes. I have a beautiful house and a wonderful hubby, and don't forget about those great parents, a wonderful sister (and Em) and friends.

Thank you to all of you who have been there, who have supported us through the good times and the crappy ones, I appreciate you all more than you will ever know! I'm just gonna mention a few friends who make my life better, Ashley (you are really the best girl anyone could ask for, I love you!), Heather (thank you for girls dinner club and although we don't hang out or talk a lot I know I can always count on you) and Ali (yes you can be a pain in my butt, but girl I love you! We have been through a lot together and somehow we come back to each other everytime! thank you).

And to my hubby who is the best man ever and times when I thought he should walk away he never did. Thank you for putting up with me! I love you!

So I am hoping in 2009 that:

My disability goes through.
I finally get under 200 lbs.
I try more new recipes.
I blog every week (at least, every day would be even better).
We get back on a good financial footing.
I can figure out how to stay on budget!
I try and stave off becoming any more disabled, so I need to do my stretching and yoga and walk when I can!