Saturday, August 22, 2009

hello everybody!

I thought I'd take a minute just to let everyone know that we are out of town for the weekend, for my Father-in-laws surgery on Monday. The goodies have all gone over well so far. Our neice was pretty excited and ate one while we were gone and was excited to tell us that she stole a cookie! It looks like it will be a wonderful weekend filled with lots of family and good times.

So there will be no blog posts as we aren't home, but I will post any fun pictures I take!

First funny is that hubby made a wonderful meal on the grill last night, the steaks had been marinating for a few days as we kept putting off making them, they were so tender and oh so perfect. I used Grill Mates Southwestern marinade. As we were finishing up he says this was a perfect should blog about it! But I didn't get any pictues! Sorry!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back with an update on Monday! If you could please keep him in your thoughts that would be wonderful!