Wednesday, August 19, 2009

World Market Finds

So when we went to World Market I picked up some food items, some I had been looking for for awhile now!

The first one are these Amaretto cookies that I have heard alot about. Amaretto is my favorite liquor and I had been looking forward to finding these so I could try them. I have also seen that you are supposed to make crusts out of them, so look for a crust for a cheesecake soon!

The next is this bag of green mint chips. I have heard of people making a host of different things with these and am excited to make some yummy brownies with them!

The next thing is this bag of Panko breadcrumbs. Now really what kind of a foodie would I be without these!

I am so excited about this next one, it's a jar of World Market's new Chocolate & Carmel spread. Think Nutella but only better! This will taste yummy on the plain scone mix I also bought! I have only tried it so far straight from the jar, but think it will be good on graham crackers as well. I am not a fan of Nutella and they also have a Cappoccino & Chocolate flavor as well!