Sunday, August 16, 2009

The new doggie bed!

Sorry I missed a post this week, but I will make up for it tonight with several posts. We have been looking for a dog bed for Nellie, she loves laying on blankets and thought she would love her own bed. During my frequent (a little too frequent hubby says) shopping trips with my mom (my constant shopping companion) we have had our eyes pealed for one. Found one at Home Goods, but alas it was a little too expensive and a little off color, PetSmart was found to be way too expensive, so when we were at World Market today and mom saw one I thought to myself that it would probably be too high, but nope for $20 and a lovely dog print, red with bones it was a perfect fit for us! We were right she loves he bed, as evident an hour after being home and she was crashed on it!